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Family of America's First Pasta Maker Antoine Zerega


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Bollinger, Christine (I3)
2 1880 Census lists Patrick's occupation as a stone and brick mason.  Cooney, Patrick (I339)
3 Age 21 McKinney, John J (I347)
4 Age 26 McKinney, James (I344)
5 Age 27 McKinney, Eliza (I345)
6 Age 8 months Roach, Theodore (I346)
7 Age at death 78 Schaefer, Christie (I343)
8 Arlene Zerega Kent of Scituate, Massachusetts died on January 6, 2005, at the age of 102 years. She was born in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Marymount College, Tarrytown, New York and received a two-year
degree in 1922. She then took journalism courses at New York University, and worked as a newspaper reporter for the Brooklyn Standard Union for a period.

Following that experience she returned to Fordham
University where she received her Bachelors Degree. She became a social worker and spent thirty years as a Confraternity of Christian Doctrine teacher in Spanish Harlem through a settlement house: Casita Maria, located there, which she helped establish.

For this work, in 1976, she received a special award and blessing at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York from Terrence Cardinal Cook.

Mrs. Kent was the daughter of John P. Zerega and EthelHill of Brooklyn. John P. Zerega's father, AntoineZerega, founded the first pasta factory in Brooklyn,New York.

She was the widow of attorney William J. Kent, Jr. former president of the H.C. Bohack Company in Brooklyn and Long Island, New York.

Mrs. Kent is survived by two sons, John P. Z. Kent, of New York, and Judge William Kent, of Sayville, NewYork, a daughter, Ethel Kent Wheatley of Scituate, with whom she lived for the last six and half years,
five grandchildren, one step grandchild and a great grandchild.

Her funeral mass was celebrated at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Cohasset. 
Zerega, Arlene (I123)
9 Buddy was killed in a car accident in upstate N.Y. at age 24 after serving in WW II as a tail gunner on a B-29. He was to graduate in 2 months from Hobart College. Sherman, Wesley J. (Buddy) (I228)
10 Buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY  Zerega, Antoine (I121)
11 Calvary Cemetery (Old Calvary), Queens, NY  Zerega, Giovanna (I135)
12 Came to the US in 1864 at age 85.  Zerega, Paul (I154)
13 Came to US in 1847. age 32.  Zerega, Antoine (I120)
14 Came to US in 1851 at age 13.  Bollinger, Louise (I6)
15 Jackie Creciun - Email 2014

I have been taking the time to cruise through the Zerega family web site, this morning, and was very interested to see the story and pictures of Joe Zerega's bombing mission and capture by the Germans. I am again reminded of the story that my grandfather, Frank, told me, of Joe telling him that the German doctor, who had been caring for him, when he was a prisoner, said, when the tables were turned, "You were my prisoner, now I am yours." 
Zerega, Joseph John (I140)
16 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Glynn, M.D., James (I36)
17 Richard James Donovan?was born in Colton, NY in 1867. His parents, James and Bridget Haggerty O'Donovan, were farmers in what?was (and still is)?a very remote part of St. Lawrence County. He attended St. Lawrence University, then?moved to Malone to start an insurance business. He then?relocated to Manhattan where he became an attorney, eventually having offices in the Flatiron Building and representing clients which included the New York Central Railroad. Donovan, Richard James (I24)
18 Witnesses: John P Zerega and Estella Maresi  Family F16

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